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Yamaha FZ1 Brake Line

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Core Moto SS performance brake lines are made in the USA using the highest quality materials and machinery available. The level of quality materials and processes used to make each Core Moto brake or clutch line is felt directly by the person operating the motorcycle they were installed on.

Core Moto lines are made custom to order and usually ready in 12 hours from time of order!

Why Choose Stainless over Rubber Hoses?
OEM rubber hoses expand and swell, especially under extreme braking conditions. This expansion results in what is often described as a spongy feel or brake fade. Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend that your OEM rubber brake lines be replaced every 4 years when used under normal conditions. Core Moto SS Performance lines are good for the life of the motorcycle. Core Moto lines do not expand under pressure or fatigue. All braking input is transmitted from the master cylinder directly to the calipers, giving you complete control, feel and feedback from the final point in the braking system. Total brake response and performance is improved with this often overlooked yet simple modification. All Core Moto brake line kits include stainless steel fittings, stainless steel ferrules, stainless steel Tefllon hose, stainless steel banjo bolts, and copper washers (NOT ALUMINUM) to offer you a complete replacement . Core Moto kits also come with a lifetime warranty.

High performance braking is not just for the race track! Get more from your brake system with Core Moto SS Performance Brake lines.

Core Moto stainless steel brake lines are made using only top grade materials and construction. Each line features an inner core Teflon hose wrapped tightly in a woven cold drawn high tinsel 32 strand stainless steel braid coated with a PVC outer shell for superior strength, corrosion resistance and elimination of brake line expansion and fade. Available in 19 color options.

Line material from other companies may look the same but the real quality lies in the chemistry and composition of the materials being used. Our Teflon core stainless steel lines can be bent 18,000,000 times before rupture compared to only 750,000 bends of the standard PTFE used by other companies. Our Hoses have been batch tested to 18,000 psi without failure. (normal motorcycle braking pressure is 800 - 1,000 psi) So most companies only test assemblies up to to 5,000 psi. We choose to use line material that out performs industry standards.

All Core Moto banjo fittings are High Grade CNC machined and polished stainless steel (NOT ALUMINUM) Even our Colored banjo fittings are stainless. Also available in Titanium. With nine different colors to choose from,we have the largest selection of color options on the market. Finding he right color option for your custom look has never been easier.

Also, our color banjo fittings are ( NOT COLOR ANODIZED) so color fade from sunlight exposure is not a concern.

In most cases when ordering a front brake line kit for any dual front disc system, we will construct a 2F routing kit. The 2F kit delivers the best performance because fluid pressure is evenly distributed to each caliper simultaneously for optimum breaking feel and performance. Other routing options may available upon demand. Some bike models require other routing systems for proper brake function and can not be fitted with the 2F set up. In fact some motorcycle can use up to 10 lines for a front an rear brake system, however this is not common. If your application requires more than the most common 2 front 1 rear line set up, the kit will be priced according to the total amount of individual lines required. See pricing section for details.

F= As described above this layout uses 2 lines connected to the masher cylinder and delivers pressure to each caliper simultaneously.

S= Standard or direct factory replacement, usually and S layout will follow the same routing as factory lines.

O= Over the front fender, this is also typically a factory layout but can be requested on some motorcycles. This layout makes one caliper the Primary caliper and transfers pressure to the secondary caliper.

1,2,3,4,5..... This represents the amount of lines required for each system.