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Motorcycle Fairing Bolt Kit and Sportbike Fasteners

We are your leading supplier for motorcycle fairing bolt kits. Find a large selection of sportbike fasteners and fairing bolt hardware. Trust us when it comes to your fairing bolt purchase.

Motorcycle Fairing Bolts and Motorcycle Fasteners

NiceCycle motorcycle fairing bolt kits and hardware sets are designed as aftermarket replacements for the OEM fairing fasteners. NiceCycle fairing fasteners are not specifically designed to match the original equipment provided by the manufacture, but rather to replace and / or improve upon the OEM fairing bolts and fastening hardware.

The objective in each fastener kit design is to achieve an easy to install, easy to maintain kit that provides a custom look. There are 2 styles of fairing fastener kits available, COMPLETE SETS and SCREWS ONLY. The SCREWS ONLY kit consists of just the screws and the washers needed to replace the factory screws and washers. The COMPLETE kit includes the screws, washers, speed nuts (as required), well nuts (as required), lock nuts (as required), and push pin rivets (as required).

All of the screws for each kit may be ordered in several unique color options. The color coating is a baked on powder coat enamel that is cured at temperatures ranging from 400F to 450F. The coating is extremely resistant to chipping, scratching, or peeling. This coating is not indestructible but is far superior to paint and anodizing. The chrome color option is a polished stainless steel finish.

The washers used in these kits are primarily constructed in nylon plastic. The nylon washers act as a cushion to help lower the compression forces exerted into the plastic fairing. Shoulder washers combined with screws are utilized where required to replace OEM screws with machined shoulders.