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Yamaha FZ1 FZ-1 Chain and Sprocket Kit (2001-2005) RACE Gearing by RK Chain
Motorcycle Sprockets

Price: $202.95

Product Code: RKKIT73

Product Description
RK Chain & Sprocket Kits

The Highest Quality Chain & Sprocket Set Up On The Market! Each kit includes:

- Brand New RK Sealed Ring Chain
- Front Sprocket
- Rear Sprocket
This high mileage performance kit features precision cut case hardened steel sprockets with matched OE or RACE gearing and RK's sealed ring chain. Entire kit is warranted to provide 20,000 miles of street use. (Racing and chain neglect will void warranty)

OEM Gearing = Original Gearing From Factory
RACE Gearing = -1 on Front Sprocket, Quicker Response At Throttle

When the teeth of a sprocket become pointed, hooked or worn (as shown) they must be replaced. It's usually a good idea to replace both the countershaft and drive sprocket at the same time. If the rear sprocket is worn, the countershaft sprocket probably needs replacement too, because it is under a lot more load as directs power to the rear wheel.

Also when replacing worn sprockets it is always ideal to install a new chain. Worn sprockets can cause premature wear on a new chain and vice versa.

Although sprockets are virtually maintenance-free, they must be kept in alignment with each other. Careless rear-wheel alignment will throw the countershaft and rear-wheel sprockets out of plain, causing the sides of the teeth and the inside of the chain's side plates to wear unevenly. Aside from the wear factor, there's also the problem of adverse steering to cope with. Thanks to the flexibility of the roller chain, however, the sprockets can be out of plan to a certain extent without the danger of immediate chain failure occurring.