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Yamaha FZ1 2006-Present Brembo Supersport 320MM Rotor Kit
Yamaha FZ1 Supersport Front Rotor Kit

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Product Description

World Supersport winning kits for the street. These fully homologated for the street rotors have performed at the highest level in World Supersport and dominated the class outperforming any other competitors rotors on many occasions. Available in 300,310 and 320mm versions to replace stock or upgrade.

• High Carbon stainless steel.
• 5.5mm thickness with a 34mm wide friction surface.
• CNC machined aluminum carrier.
• Available for all current European and Japanese sport bikes.
• May require spacers when upgrading to an oversized rotor.

During braking the disc has to dissipate the kinetic energy of the motorcycle, which is normally a result of the conversion into heat, which is provoked by the friction between the pads and the disc itself. This is a pure racing part.

Therefore, the latter is affected by a thermomechanic force (heat + force) that the disc naturally holds out without getting deformed.

Every disc has its own inertia (i.e. the tendency of a body not to modify its motion status, so that the higher the inertia, the harder it will be to change the motion of a body), which depends on the weight and the external diameter of the disc and it could also be defined an index of the “difficulty” to move the axle rotation of the disc (the so-called gyroscopic effect).
In practice, the inertia affects the speed when shifting directions. It is necessary to take all these points into consideration when designing a new disco. The best performance is achieved when the disc is lighter and more resistant.

BREMBO RACING SUPERSPORT 5,5-mm discs are fully interchangeable with the original discs and they are designed to fit to the OE calipers as well as with BREMBO Racing.

These are floating discs made up of a brake rotor in thermically-treated martensitic stainless steel (capable to stand any thermomechanic strain) and of an CNC alloy-aluminium bell. The 2 parts are connected to each other using 10 bushings.
These discs are used by many Top Level Teams competing in worldwide SuperSport events.