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Ducati M600 Monster 1995-2002 Clear Plexistar by National Cycle
BMW R850 / 800R Windshield

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Price: $219.95

Product Code: TRPLEXI124

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Product Description
We introduced the Plexifairing in 1980, and it was an instant hit with riders worldwide. This windshield has truly gone "platinum". And we sell as many today as we did over two decades ago, proving that superb wind protection, rugged construction and quality materials are things that never go out of style.

Its siblings, the Plexifairing GT™ and Plexistar2™, are also offer excellent wind protection at a great price.

The classic Plexistar 2 is the sporty version of the Plexifairing. The cut of the Plexistar 2 is a bit larger around the headlight opening and the extended lowers are shorter. It's a favorite fairing for year-round riding and for many riders who require good upper chest and hand protection.

H: 18.5 (47cm)
W: 32 (81.5cm)

The Plexistar 2 increases ventilation while providing upper chest and hand protection. This easy-to-install and easy-to-remove fairing is a favorite among many riders.


ACRYLIC -- Includes brand names such as ICI Lucite® and Acrylite®. Acrylic is known for its crystal clarity that stands the test of time with UV stabilization that prevents yellowing. Many years ago, during the development of the clear fairing, National Cycle found that ordinary drill mounting methods caused stress cracks and eventual breakage of acrylic shields. That's why we developed and use our patented No-Hole Ballsocket™ system on all of our acrylic products.