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Sport Bike Halo

Price: $89.99

Product Code: PERIMETER 21



Product Description
This is our first generation of LED Perimeter Halo Eyes NOW YOU CAN ADD MULTI-FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL STROBE,FLASH,FADE -Incredible concept for your SPORTBIKE. Installs inside the headlight unit IN MINUTES. The end result is incredible. Choose from 8 different colors! -These Perimeter Halo Eyes Feature: -Super bright LED technology. (Please note that when riding with PERIMETER HALOS the light emitted from halos will only be slightly visible due to the running/high beam lights function) -Grade "A" quality material. -Choose from the following colors: red, blue, green, amber, white, orange, pink, purple and COLOR CHANGING! Which gives you all of the colors to choose from! -Stunning and unique look with the perimeter of the headlight emits an LED colored light. -No fairing modifications required -A toggle switch that can be mounted almost anywhere so that Perimeter Halos can be turned on or off with a flip of the switch, even if the bike is turned off. - IF YOU LIKE ADD A MULTI FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL ONLY ADDITIONAL $49.99 -1 year manufacturer limited WARRANTY -Includes technical support phone number for any installation questions -Easy installation -Get em... mount them in... mount switch.... wire them to the battery.... you got the LED Perimeter Halos on your bike! -Will turn heads, these are amazing!